Brian Robinson, the first Briton to win a stage of the Tour de France in 1958, is on the road to recovery after a long convalescence following a crash.

“It’s been a nightmare really. I’m getting back now, with some physio, but it’s just as painful as it was at the start,” said Robinson.

The Milan-San Remo podium finisher went down heavily while riding last November, hurting his leg. After being released from hospital, he was rushed back for a series of groin operations when severe bruising was found.

“I was really feeling good before it, but then bang, down,” Robinson lamented. “At least I got to 79 without it happening!”

“I knew it’d be a long job, but I’m impatient, that’s my problem. I’ve never had time off like this; in the old days, it was three days off and you’re back on your bike and away again.”

A passionate cyclist through and through, Dave Rayner Fund president Robinson has nevertheless managed to get out in the saddle recently. “I managed 20 miles on Saturday but it was a bit of a struggle to be honest,” he said. [Daughter and multiple national cyclo-cross champion] Louise told me ‘you’re too eager, slow down.'”

The crash hasn’t stopped Robinson from riding up the hills he loves – or damaged his sense of humour. “I said last year was the last time I was going up Holme Moss. Then I thought, ‘I’ll go up Holme Moss till I’m 80′, and as soon as I was there, I thought ‘what the hell am I doing?'”

  • Derek Smith

    I’ll eat my words Brian wasat BCs Hall of fame last night, I have a photo to prove it !

  • John Bell

    I used to cycle 12 miles a day to work in the late fifties from my parent’s home in Kineton Warwickshire.
    My boss used to call me “Kineton’s Brian Robinson” Praise indeed !! Get well soon Brian you were THE
    pioneer from Britain for others to follow and you’re not forgotten.
    John Bell
    Cape Town

  • Robin Gambrill

    As a has been cyclist of the fifties and early sixties and who read so much of Brian during that cycling era,I was saddened to read of your accident Brian,I wish you a very rapid recovery to good health,and good form.
    Robin Gambrill, New Zealand..

  • ray kennedy

    Brian Robinson was my boyhood hero. I can remember the excitement of getting Cycling Weekly opening the pages on the Tour and seeing the black and white pictures of him taking on the best and beating them! His stage win Albi- Aurilacc (spelling ?) is still a vivid memory. Speedy recovery Brian, you are a legend!!
    Ray Kennedy

  • johntierney

    Brian is a great guy. I first met him when he stopped at our house when he was guest of honour at our Harrogate CC dinner 1952 .He was National Hil Climb Champion (on Holme Moss?) & had been competing in the Olympics.I I introduced him to the Fearnley family & he married Shirley. I played gooseberry on their first ¨däte´´ , shopping in Harrogate . Haven´t seen them for donkey´s years. I wish him all the best.

  • jim lowton

    Brian Robinson was my first cycling hero when I began in 1955. I met him in Harry Halls shop in Manchester. Great bloke. Keep going Brian. I would have loved to see a book about your life and experiences as a pro.

  • Derek Smith

    Just heard today that Brian has not been included in B C ‘s 50 cycling heroes Hall of Fame to be held
    at Manchester on Sat 20th Feb I just hope it’s not true

  • Ken Evans

    “British Tour heroes Mark Cavendish and Brian Robinson”

    (And Tour stage winner Chris Boardman too.)

  • Alan Westwood

    Met Brian at a training camp in Spain a few years back – lovely man, as well as an inspiration to all of us trying to keep going as long as possible! All the best to him – long may he cycle.

  • Graham Galpin

    Hang on in there Brian. I too broke a leg last year but i’m 20 years younger and it still hurts after a club run. I’m sure all will be Ok for years yet

  • martin

    this bloke is amazing… hope i’m still riding at his age