Bike fit is not just for pros: Why you're never too much of a beginner to invest in comfort

You don't have to be a racing cyclist with 'all the gear' to benefit from a bike fit, as Ellie Donnell discovers

Ellie Donnell has bike fit at pearson cycles
(Image credit: Future)

I’m an amateur rider who’s been cycling for a few years. Until recently, it never occurred to me that I might need a bike fit. I'm riding a secondhand Giant, and still considering taking the plunge with a pair of clipless pedals and dedicated cycling shoes. The idea of being properly fitted for a bike seemed like a service reserved specifically for professionals and athletes, but actually, the opposite is true. 

A bike fit is designed to optimise comfort, eradicate niggles and increase efficiency and performance. Sure, you could do it yourself, and there are lots of resources online designed to help you perform a DIY bike fit at home, but a professional bike fit will go the extra mile.

Image of Pearson Cycles bike fit expert Nas Karimi
Nas Karimi

Nas Karimi is a professional bike fitter and personal trainer with over 10+ years of experience. He studied Sports Studies at the University of Winchester and has since been working with athletes and cyclists of all levels, from beginners to elite level riders. He is currently head of bike fitting at Pearson Cycles, where he also lends his expertise to Pearson's bike R&D. 

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