Five reasons you need a fresh bike fit

Your optimum riding position changes over time according to age, weight and flexibility. Is it high time you had a fresh bike-fit?

Male cyclist having a bike fit with Phil Burt
(Image credit: Future)

If your last professional - or even DIY bike-fit - was more than five years ago, you’re not alone. Time flies, and we generally assume our position, once set, is sorted for life. Sadly not. If your measurements have been gathering figurative dust for quite a while, your current position might be less your current optimum, more an obsolete record of the rider you once were. Making progress means letting go of the past.

"Bike-fit needs to be an evolution rather than a revolution,” says Phil Burt, former lead physiotherapist at British Cycling and Team Sky consultant. Burt now offers his own eponymous fitting service, Phil Burt Innovation, offering elite-level expertise and attention to detail to amateur riders as well as beginner rider bike fits.

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