Could altering your Q Factor make you more comfortable - or faster - on the bike?

Find out how you can adjust your stance width to stay injury free and go faster

Image shows rider attacking an effort out the saddle.
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Before going any further we should define what is meant by Q Factor. Sometimes known as 'quack factor' (a references to ducks and their waddle-y legs), Q Factor is the distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the other. 

This is an important bike fit parameter as it effects your stance width, which is how far apart your feet end up being when placed on your pedals. We'll get into the details on the risks of an incorrect stance width, how to determine the right stance width for you, and how to adjust the stance width on your bike.

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Spindle lengths across different pedal systems
PedalTypeSpindle LengthOptions
Shimano SPD-SLRoad52mm+ 4mm = 56mm
Look KeoRoad53mmRow 1 - Cell 3
Wahoo SpeedplayRoad53mm56/59/65mm
Garmin RallyRoad power meter53mmRow 3 - Cell 3
Favero AssiomaRoad power meter54mmRow 4 - Cell 3
Favero Assioma ShimanoRoad power meter65mmRow 5 - Cell 3
Wahoo Speedplay PowrlinkRoad power meter55mmRow 6 - Cell 3
Shimano XTRMTB52mm55mm
Crank BrothersMTB52mmRow 8 - Cell 3

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