Crank length calculator: How to find the optimal setup for you

Hip, knee and back pain can result from overly long cranks - which yours likely are...

Bird's eye view to show the crank length of an Ultegra crank arm on a road bike
(Image credit: Future)

Many of us wouldn’t give a second thought to what crank is fitted to our bicycle. What length crank you ride will likely depend on what size the frame is, especially if you have a factory-built bike. But is it the right one for you?

We'll run through the importance of finding a crank length that's right for you and we'll also share the pros and cons of various crank length calculators. You can jump straight to the calculating with this link - but we'd recommend reading through and getting the context first!

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Nicole Oh is a physiotherapist and bike fitter, with training in biomechanical assessments, sports injury rehabilitation, acupuncture and clinical pilates.

A competitive cyclist with a background in triathlon, Nicole raced at National level in the UK, also managing and co-founding the Les Filles Racing Team. Having moved to Sydney, she works as a physiotherapist at The Body Mechanic and continues to race competitively.