Breathe slower and cycle faster: energy saving tips to optimise your breathing

Inhale, exhale – two actions you rarely have to think about. But could altering the way you breathe improve your cycling performance?

Cartoon of a male cyclist breathing thoughtfully
(Image credit: Simon Scarsbrook)

The coaching community is divided over the claims surrounding ‘belly breathing’ and ‘nasal breathing’. So what’s the truth? Can you train yourself to breathe better? 

How badly can inefficient breathing impact your cycling performance?

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Rob Kemp
Freelance Writer

Rob Kemp is a London-based freelance journalist with 30 years of experience covering health and fitness, nutrition and sports sciences for a range of cycling, running, football and fitness publications and websites. His work also appears in the national press and he's the author of six non-fiction books. His favourite cycling routes include anything along the Dorset coast, Wye Valley or the Thames, with a pub at the finish.