Cycling organisations fear the wider implications of any new Cycling Charter in the New Forest which aims to limit participants in cycle events

Cycling organisations are worried the proposed Cycling Charter in the New Forest could have wider implications for other National Parks in Britain.

The Charter aims to limit the number of participants in cycling events to 1,000 because of the ‘danger’ posed to people and wildlife.

But the national cycling charity CTC and Sustrans say events should be considered on a case by case basis, rather than on an ‘arbitrary figure’.

Tejesh Mistry, CTC head of development, said: “The proposed cap on cyclist numbers in the New Forest comes across as both discriminatory and disproportionate.

“No other activity outside of cycling enjoys such depth of scrutiny or limitation, so it is exceptionally disappointing that the NFNPA would seek to limit participants that celebrate the forest when there is no basis of evidence to do so beyond anecdote.”

>>> New Forest National Park Authority warned it could not legally cap sportives to 1,000 riders

A Sustrans spokesperson added: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy all that the New Forest has to offer.

“However we fear any new charter in the New Forest could have wider implications for changes in other National Parks so getting the right balance now is essential.

“We need a charter that works for everyone.”

  • David Chadderton

    Surely this is laughable and impossible to audit and control. So, will National Parks Rangers stand by the road in Brockenhurst to count all riders displaying front and rear event numbers? I doubt it. When they reach 1,000 and I ride past on a solo Sunday jaunt showing no numbers and not being part of the sportive, as rider 1,001, will I be arrested by a posse of shotgun-toting Rangers and thrown into the stray animal compound? I visualise roadside arguments aplenty, and courtroom cases on the horizon.

  • John Jackson

    Why are British Cycling leaving it to CTC and Sustrans to raise the issue over the New Forest Cycling Charter. This affects Sportives, could have wider implications in other National Parks and could be the thin end of the wedge for time trials in the New Forest. The NF NPA meeting this morning voted to implement the charter. BC need to speak out. Why are they so timid?

  • James Nias

    The roads in the new forest are public highways and nobody has the right to limit numbers in any event,
    Perhaps its time for a critical mass ride in the forest.