Honda's Civic Tourer Active Life concept car features a boot big enough to house two bikes side-by-side, with an integrated pump and work bench

The Honda Civic Tourer Active Life concept is to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week – a car designed with cyclists in mind.

The Tourer aims to help cyclists and features an extendable loading rack with space for two bicycles, which retracts into the spacious boot with the bikes sitting side by side.

(Photo: Honda)

(Photo: Honda)

Also included is an air pump, a retractable work bench, a shaded canopy and space inside for toolboxes and waterbottles.

The roof box is also designed for carrying cycling accessories, such as helmets, while the boot is reportedly large and deep enough for you to carry your own water tank.

(Photo: Honda)

(Photo: Honda)

What’s more, the car is pretty efficient, recently setting a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy, achieving over 100 miles per gallon on an 8,000-mile run by two R&D staff.

Cars are often the nemesis of cyclists, but it’s good to see more manufacturers taking the growing number of bike riders into account when designing their new machines.

  • razorree

    pff… me that boot with any proper bike, any with a travel from 150 to 200mm, and handlebars 780-800mm….

  • prestonjb

    😀 yea that is a risk when “living in a van down by the river!”

  • J1

    It’ll never be put into production, it’s an interesting concept never the less. The Vauxhall Mokka is the only vehicle that’s in production, that I can think of, which has any kind of cycling specific design, a pop out bike rack on the back bumper.

  • J1

    Looks pretty aero that roofbox mind.

  • Klappskalli von Porsche

    and when you come back there’s no van 😀 😉

  • Tony Franklin

    I can already get two bikes in side by side in my 14 year old Passat estate and have room for full self catering kit for 2 weeks and 10 x 1/2 cases of French wine.
    Oh and it gets 50mpg fully loaded and runs on used chip oil ;o)
    A roof box for helmets…behave, not only don’t you need helmets that roof box is like a sail causing extra drag. It’s a car for noddies

  • Dick_Turpin

    It’s a nice utopian fantasy, but it’s a fantasy nevertheless. Try making cycle racing car-free and see how far it gets. 😉

  • prestonjb

    While my car is a van so I don’t have to take the wheels off.. I can carry my gear.. And when I’m on a business trip I can book a hotel away from a major city or simply camp in the van and ride from it…

  • blemcooper

    And sadly, this wagon will never reach the U.S. auto market :-(. Looks like we are getting the UK-built 5-door civic hatchback, which is a consolation–love my Swindon-built 3-door civic hatchback.

  • brooess

    The cars that best suit my needs as a cyclist are either: electric ones, small ones, ones not driven by humans, or preferably the ones that stay on the driveway 🙂