We asked Cycling Weekly readers to pick a favourite machine from their impressive bicycle collections

We would bet that there are very few readers of Cycling Weekly that have restricted their bike collection to just one model.

Everyone knows that you can never have enough bikes, whether that is just restricted to road bikes – for winter riding, for ‘best’, for commuting, etc – or whether you have one of everything – road, mountain, BMX, cyclo-cross, fixie, folder, track, unicycle…

We recently asked readers how many bikes they owned and which particular model was their favourite.

Do you have a favourite machine? Or do you love them all equally? Tell us in the comments box below.

My dad’s response to this question has always been “I don’t know where the bikes end and the spare parts start”. I’m gradually turning into him…
Liam Corrigan

Currently I have five and like children, although they’re all different, I have no favourite.
John Anderson

Three. A Bianchi Via Nirone, Forme ATT 1.0, and Scott Foil 15 as pictured (below). Scott is the favourite.
Keith Hinds

Keith Hinds' favourite bike

Keith Hinds’ favourite bike

Three and they are all a favourite but for different reasons. The Scott Contessa 29er for cruising the moor tops, the Specialized Vita Sport hybrid for pure versatility and the Ribble Sportive road bike for speed and responsiveness.
Jennifer Hunt

N+1 bikes is the right number to own; where n = the number of bikes currently in one’s garage.
Greg Judin

Five bikes. Two road, one track, one 29er and one BMX. My six-year-old son has three: road, mtb and BMX. My four-year-old daughter has four: balance bike, 12-inch mtb, 16-inch mtb and of course her girlie pink bike. My wife has one, and she says that’s all she needs. So in total we have 13! Oh dear that’s an unlucky number. I’d better get looking for another bike.
Jansch Aza Greatrix

Giant Propel Advanced SL, TCR Advanced SL, XTC Advanced SL 29er (pictured below). All are my favourite… Giant still offers value for money.
Matt Wong

Matt Wong's matching Giant bike collection

Matt Wong’s matching Giant bike collection

Only one, which changes colour and shape… Well, that’s what I tell the better half! Five and two halves if anyone else asks. Love the cheap cyclo-cross bike most as I think as it’s a jack of all trades (master of none but pretty good at most).
Marc Fawcett

I own two: a new one and an old one. The old one (a 1980’s Mercier) is my favourite as she was my first road bike and is simply beautiful to look at and touch. She is way more stylish than I am!
Jacqueline Brown

Only one at the moment (pictured below)
Paul Hartshorn

Paul Hartshorn's favourite bike

Paul Hartshorn’s favourite bike

Road bike, ratty mountain bike and my beloved Planet X Exocet 2 time trial bike. The time trial bike was an amazing gift, something that I would never, ever have been able to afford, lives wrapped up in a duvet between races.
Emma Bradbury

Three bikes owned but I reckon my 17-year-old Bianchi is still my favourite. Always been a lovely ride and still in great condition. It cost £500 back in 1997, which was a lot back then, but I’ve certainly had my money’s worth over the years. Classic bike.
Malcolm Trueman

I have four. My favourite is a fixie. It’s electric blue and a joy to ride. So simple.
Paul O’Donovan

Two road bikes: a Chas Roberts Audax Special from 2002 and a Specialized Roubaix. It has to be said that the Roberts is the better ride, it’s marginally heavier but fits like a glove and has a wonderful nippy but supple feel.
Kevin Sedgman

As a custom bike builder I currently have 14 of my own, a mixture of chromoly retros, aluminium road and track, and carbon-fibre road and track. My favourites at present are the 2015 Colnago C60, my current project, and 2015 yellow and black Pinarello Dogma. I almost forgot my 2015 Cervelo S5.
Levi Stebbins

  • Roy O’Mahony

    Brompton, allez triple, stumpjumper fsr, sometimes love the brompton the most

  • david watts

    Colnago C40 and CTI
    Fancy investing in a new Look frame though.
    Merlin Titanium extra lights are fantastic too.bomb proof light and comfortable.

  • Steve Allcott

    7 in total, Felt F1 and Pinarello Paris are what I spent most on, but my favourite is a Kinesis cross bike – fun in the mud- bring on the cross season

  • ian franklin

    My favourite is number 30: An old Japanese shopper!!!!!! I’ve always loved my Condors.

  • ian franklin

    There are 30 in my garage: 6 classics (Colnago, Janssen, 2 Condor, Cinelli + 1); 4 road(PlanetX, Dimar-Lloyd, 2 Condor); 4 ‘other’: (Orbea MTB, Echelon Fixie, Vitus kid’s road bike, java hybrid); 14 Track bikes (4 Planet X, 2 Condor, Harry Quinn, Dolan, Fuji, BT, Principia, Specialised, Sarosa); 1 time trial: Dave Lloyd. Enough for now. The vast majority are Campag equipped.

  • Joel

    Just get a tiny one. Some people don’t like having their pockets full.

  • louis

    I have two bicycles: A 1988 Peter Allan steel road bike, which takes me everywhere, and an exit-level mountain bike. You can read about my cycling adventures with that Peter Allan bike in “The Cyclist’s Mind Goes Everywhere.” It’s available from Amazon and most internet book retailers. Or just Google Louis Frouws for info about my book. Best wishes & happy cycling!

  • Alan

    No it’s Russian.

  • Vespertine

    In my opinion saddle bags really ruin the lines of any bike. You can go on about practicality all you like, I will never install one. Everything I need fits into my jersey pockets.

  • Vespertine

    Is a Colnargo a Chinese copy?

  • Anthony Bowles

    I have too many a mix of fixies, touring and road, a couple of favourites but have to come down on the side of my Ridley EOS.

  • Alan

    I’ve got 10 counting my recumbent. I keep a road & a TT bike down South and have 8 up North. I have 6 Titanium bikes which 5 are custom made and the other is a Colnargo from 1982, and 4 Carbon time trial bikes, which one lives on the rollers &turbo. My favourite is the one I’m riding at the time.

  • Eli Castro

    4 – a 1984 Sannino (despite its age, the fastest bike I own), a 2009 Surly Pacer (mostly a rainy day back up bike now, but was all I rode for years – no pic), a 2014 Trek District Steel (grocery getter), and my favorite – a custom Carl Strong with Ultegra 6800 and HED Ardennes+.

  • Nick Budinger

    Four at the moment, a Canondale Trail SL29 SS, a Carbondale CAAD 9, a Scapin S6 and my favourite below a Scapin Hysak