The Plough Hotel in Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand, has banned lycra shorts in order to prevent "unsightly bumps and bulges" at the breakfast table

A New Zealand hotel has banned lycra shorts to prevent any “unsightly bumps and bulges” being on display while people are eating.

The Plough Hotel in Rangiora, North Canterbury, has just started to serve breakfast and owner Mike Saunders has now decided to completely ban tight-fitting shorts to prevent customers copping an eyeful in the mornings.

“We just want to set the standards out here in the country and make sure people wear trousers when they go out for breakfast,” Saunders told

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“It’s just a little unsuitable, we don’t always want to see any unsightly bumps and bulges.”

“We get a nice group of customers out here, some elderly folk . . . when you’re trying to concentrate on your breakfast you just want to see the sausages on your plate.”

Saunders said he hoped cyclists wouldn’t take too much offence at the new rule, but sounded unconcerned about any potential backlash.

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He said: “If there’s hordes of cyclists outside threatening to bash us with their bike pumps we can always barricade ourselves in, we’ve got a bit of food and drink here so we should be able to outlast them.”

But Tracy Clark, chairwoman of the local Pegasus Cycling Club, said the move showed a “lack of understanding” about cyclists.

“There’s people in New Zealand now who have grown up disconnected from bicycles,” Clark said, “have no understanding of what it is to get out there and ride and see the scenery, they are interested in getting in their car and driving place to place.

“I think it’s just some ignorance or lack of understanding.”

  • LaszloZoltan

    why bother ? I would far prefer to take my business where it is welcomed and respected.

  • Alo

    These guys are just a bunch of backwards blokey Homophobes. Obviously aimed at bodyshaming older men like my 70yr old father in law who does lots of miles on the bike but doesn’t have the body of a 20yr old anymore, and men they’re jealous of, who unlike themselves, have good fit physiques and bulges in all the right places 😉

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Bring back woollen cycling shorts – they were worse! I used to feel really self-conscious wearing woollen shorts in summer. At least Lycra holds everything in place.

  • politicalcynic

    There is if you’re a misandrist, a homophobe or both.

  • politicalcynic

    I’m betting this is mostly directed at men…(since I can’t see them barring a lovely woman in lycra-and really-Yoga pants are fine?). Thus we can conclude this is likely the result of

    A. People (mostly feminists) who are “offended” by male bulges (although they should remember-our EYES are up here….);
    B. Men who are either homophobic or don’t have bulges; and/or
    C. Moralists who are “protecting the Children” from the horrors of human anatomy.

  • Oh I get stopping on long rides for refreshments etc – just don’t get the cafe stop on a Sunday jolly culture – each to their own though.

  • tony365

    there is nothing unsightly about bulges in the the trousers, thank you very much

  • tony365

    What do they think yoga pants are made of? I look fantastic in my Cycling Kit, sure I aint goin down to the pub in my kit on a regular basis but, I am not really that much of a prude, and like other people have stated this is basically saying no men in Lycra, I think men are beautiful, This is pure macho bull poo, and a bit homophobic. Football = good = straight , Cycling = bad = Femme.

  • Tony

    You soon would on a ride of 75-100 miles!! Even Pro’s do cafe stops in winter.

  • Tony

    You soon would after a long ride of 75- 100 miles!!

  • Tony

    Does this rule also apply to shapely women in Lycra shorts and top? I suspect not.

  • MC’s Hammer :D

    well, you could pack a pair of long pants in your saddle bag, wear them over your lycra, and after you have finished with brekky, take them off and get back on your bike 🙂

  • J1

    So they’re going to turn away customers because of what they’re wearing regardless if they’re paying a stack of money? Strange business model. I hope they go out of business lololol

  • Rich Wake

    why would here be any backlash? Surely people would change into their cycle gear AFTER breakfast, a Jam sploged jersey and eggy shorts are not good looks ^.^

  • Knipfty

    It doesn’t say no bottoms no service, so….

  • Alex

    Well I’m going to stay at this place and come 8am at breakfast I am going to show everyone my bottom bracket swinging it from side to side, round and round ………….

  • Chris

    I keep my bumps and bulges under the dinner table. I avoid twerking in front of my fellow eaters as I would rather they kept their eyes on their dinners rather than my meat and two veg.

  • i just dont get the whole ‘cafe stop’ culture personally

  • Ryan Bolin

    I’m assuming this rule was made by a guy or complaints from guys that didn’t have the ability to make a bulge in thier Lycra 🙂

  • Kelvin Morrison

    Sounds fair enough, there’s a time and a place for unsightly bulges.