'Lycra louts not welcome here' proclaims sign in Biggin Hill

Public sign calls against plastic arrows being put up in the area, saying that cyclists are not welcome

A sign put up in Biggin Hill village, last week has protested against cyclists in the area, saying that "lycra louts are not welcome here."

The notice's main point is against plastic sportive direction signs being put up in the area, but vehemently railed against cyclists in the area claiming that they "block our roads."

The sign, which was put up near an Indian restaurant in the area, reads: "Cycling clubs: Do not attach arrows in this area they will be removed. Lycra louts are not welcome here! Blocking our roads and polluting our countryside with orange plastic signs."

The sign was discovered by a rider, who later posted it to Twitter under the name @trivers1985, saying: "Come across this [sic] while out in this morning while out on a did make me laugh."

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A number of sportives operate in the Biggin area, including Evans Cycles' RideIt! Biggin Hill sportive and the London Cycle Sportive, which is already scheduled to revisit the area in 2015.

There has yet to be any word on where the sign initially came from.

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