Gwyn Lloyd Jones died of his injuries after being a collision with a cyclist travelling at 25mph last November

A coroner in Wales has highlighted the dangers of cycling at high speed at an inquest into the death of pedestrian who was struck by a bike in November.

Gwyn Lloyd Jones, 67, died of his injuries after a collision with cyclist Richard Eakins, who was travelling at 25mph down a narrow country lane on a wet night, according to the rider’s GPS.

Mr Jones died of two fractures to the side of his skull and severe chest injuries, according to the post-mortem. He also had to wait in an ambulance outside Bronglais Hospital for 50 minutes, due to the A&E department being full.

According to the Cambrian News, Mr Eakins was riding home after work in Aberystwyth at around 7.25pm on November 7 when the collision occurred. Mr Jones was walking home from a meal at his daughter’s house.

The narrow road forced pedestrians onto the carriageway, which is reportedly poorly lit, especially on a rainy night.

The inquest heard that Mr Eakins turned his headlight off when its battery ran down, but did have a bright and fully working headtorch on.

Coroner Peter Brunton found that the poor street lighting and excessive speed for the circumstances caused the collision.

“Had they [the breaches of the Highway Code] not occurred it could well have meant that the collision would not have occurred,” said Mr Brunton.

“There is no doubt that it was a substantial speed for a pushbike bearing in mind the atrocious conditions.”

Police confirmed that no charges have been brought against Mr Eakins for the incident.

  • Charlie_L

    I can’t understand why the cyclist hasn’t been prosecuted. We rightly complain when car drivers aren’t prosecuted in similar situations. Clearly the cyclist’s reckless riding caused this man’s death. The illegal super bright helmet light possibly gave him too much confidence, encouraging him to ride too fast for that road at that time.

  • Phil Hall

    The 50 minute wait in an ambulance outside A & E should be both the headline and the main thrust of this story. The NHS is being abolished before our very eyes. Think carefully before you vote for 5 more years of the same.

  • Kevin ‘Herbie’ Blackburn

    Terrible for the person who died, and their relatives. However, if it was a cyclists the comments would be that they should have been wearing Hi-vis and a Helmet, and have lights when out in the dark! Strange how some victims are just that, while others are guilty of their own demise!