The tech nerd's guide to the perfect coffee

Joe on Joe. What does it take to make a fine mug of Joe? We sent Joe Baker to find out.

Missing Bean Coffee Roasters
(Image credit: Missing Bean Coffee Roasters)

 Whether you arrive at the café stop three hours into a winter hack, desperate for that caffeine kick, or dressed up in your best kit for a short sunny brew roll, coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand. But while we sit hands cupped around a toasty latte, the air thick with bicycling banter, few of us ever stop to think about where our coffee comes from. Trace a quality brew’s journey from plant to mug and you may be surprised at just how much skill and effort is dedicated to keeping your tastebuds well and truly tickled.

Cyclists drinking coffee

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Type of coffeeGrind size
EspressoFine, like finer salt
Moka PotMedium-fine, like table salt
Filter CoffeeMachine Medium, like sand
AeroPressMedium-fine, like table salt
French PressCoarse, like sea salt

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Joe Baker
Tech Writer

Joe is Cycling Weekly's tech writer. He's always had a love for bikes, since first riding a two wheeled steed before the age of four. Years down the line, Joe began racing at 16, and enjoyed great experiences internationally, racing in Italy, Spain and Belgium to name a few locations. Always interested in tech, Joe even piloted his Frankenstein hill climb bike to a Junior National Title in 2018.  After taking a step back from elite level racing in April 2022, Joe joined our team as a freelancer, before becoming Tech Writer in May 2023.