Police and council in Grimsby will take 'appropriate action' to curb cycling in pedestrian areas

Police and the council in a Lincolnshire town are to clamp down on those who illegally cycle in a pedestrian zone.

Grimsby’s Victoria Street prohibits the use of cycling but local resident Ernie Brown says that many disobey the few signs that warn against riding.

North East Lincolnshire Council is expected to re-erect a number of signs in the area and Humberside Police have vowed to continue to “take appropriate action where possible”.

Mr Brown told the Grimsby Telegraph of several incidents when he has personally confronted cyclists riding across the busy precinct.

Simon Duffield, a Humberside Police sergeant of Grimsby Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are currently working closely with North East Lincolnshire Council to resolve the situation and to improve the signage so that the restrictions can be enforced in the future.

“Police officers, Police Community Support Officers and council enforcement officers do regularly patrol the area and take appropriate action where possible.”

The council said they are to work with local police to remind them that cycling is forbidden on Victoria Street.

Cycling in pedestrian areas has caused a lot of angst this year already: Bournemouth moved to permit cycling in its square and promenade, while in Peterborough a ban on cycling in a city street was increased from six days to seven days in July.

  • just me

    As a keen cyclist, it is also annoying when some cyclists decide that they are too good to cycle in designated cycle paths, causing drivers to become annoyed. Cycle paths are there for a purpose!!!

  • Lopekal

    I hate this “collective responsibility” nonsense.

    Do all car drivers get a bad name for the on pavement parking that a few do? Do they all get a bad name for the +350 killed or seriously injured that occur every year where drivers mount the pavement? Do they all get a bad name for the few that drink drive?

    No, they dont, do they?

    Nor should cyclists. Nor should they even begin to accept it.

    I am not responsible for your actions so that applies equally as to when and if Im using any mode of transport, whether that’s a bicycle or not. Just as much as the reverse is true.

    If someone chooses to act in an anti social manner then it is their responsibility alone, then they alone should bear the punishment, if that be judicial or social.

  • dave Jukes

    Good. So many cyclists jump lights and ride on pavements when they shouldn’t. It gives us all a bad name.

  • Lopekal

    Are the police going to expend as much effort combating anti-social and illegal driving?