Our compilation of videos of the week featured a clip of a cyclist being repeatedly attacked by a crow and now a video of an Australian rider being pecked at by a magpie has surfaced.

Australian cyclist Ashley Dawson uploaded the video of him being swooped upon multiple times by the persistent bird in Mildura, northern Victoria.

Dawson was cycling down a deserted country road when the bird took a fancy to his cycling attire and on his numerous cameras he shot footage of the magpie trying to clip his clothing, falling back and then coming back for more.

The rider also held a camera at arm’s length out to the side to capture the action, which makes you wonder if he put something on his clothes or helmet to attract the bird.

We’ve seen a few videos of animals going for cyclists in recent years, with the proliferation of helmet cams, with riders being knocked off by gazelles and deer while speeding along.

  • Peter

    The magpie (a protected species in Australia) is just defending its nesting territory, which may extend for 1 kilometre from the tree. Unless you have a tailwind they can be hard to escape. If you see Aussie riders with large gauge electrical ties pointing vertically from the top of their helmets (looking like a porcupine) you can be sure its magpie nesting season. Sadly, early Aussie visitors took magpies across the Tasman to New Zealand, where they were wisely declared vermin! (Along with other Aussie pests like possums, rabbits, stoats, ferrets, wallabies etc – which is why the All Blacks enjoy beating Australia)

  • bougainvilla

    Well if you got videos of it, we’ll be happy to look at it too.

  • Cyclo 64

    Totally agree par for the course every breeding
    season. My daughter has even got a hole in her helmet following a magpie attack

  • SteelFrame

    Gosh, being swooped by Australian magpies really isn’t news…