New Fliz bike encourages you to unleash your inner big kid, but may also have genuine medical uses

If you’re looking to get your kid into cycling, one of the best ways to do this is to buy them a balance bike, a pedal-less bike that allows them to gain confidence staying upright on two wheels. But what if you want to have a go yourself? Well now you can thanks to German company Fliz, which is hoping to appeal to the big kid in all of us.

Apparently based on Baron Karl Dreis’ Velocipede, the forerunner of the modern bicycle, the Fliz bike ditches the relatively unnatural motion of pedalling in favour of the human gait to provide forward motion.

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Any big kids who are tempted to buy this product are strapped in using what looks like a fairly painful five-point harness. But aside from the obvious differences, this bike may not be as different from your standard road bike as it may seem. The frame is fully carbon fibre, and with the hydraulic disc brakes a wheel base that is only slightly longer than average at 1100mm, the handling should be similar as well.

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The Fliz bike may look a little silly, but could have a genuine purpose

However, despite appearances, there may actually be a genuine use for the concept. With no pressure on the joints and body weight distributed over a wide area, Fliz claims that the bike could be used as a form of rehabilitation and exercise therapy, allowing those with restricted movement to enjoy the freedom of the bicycle.

Interested? Well if your German’s up to scratch more details can be found on the Fliz website.

  • SeanMcCuen



    Oh man literally took the words from my mouth. wish the holding harness was more comfy or the entire frame could maybe envelop your torso the same position the harness is.

  • vtchuck

    Looks like he is suspended nearby his gentleman parts, I have my doubts how comfortable that is.

  • NitroFan

    What is the point of this contraption?
    Other than a no doubt VERY expensive piece of experimental and as yet unproven piece of physio kit and a crutch for the designers ego it is pointless.
    Some of these so called designers fail to remember there was a VERY good reason cycles developed onwards from the pedal less Velocipede into the machines we know today!

  • reg

    Because it’s fun? For rehabilitation and exercise therapy? To annoy intolerant people?

  • MrFGordon

    Looks fun, if only you could hang horizontal as well!

  • Michael

    Such a meaningless design/product. What’s the point of having this? Rather than walking and rolling on two wheels, just get a proper bicycle!

  • setton

    looks retarded af