Throughout the Tour de France 2009 we will be presenting exclusive video interviews with key riders and team staff.

Today, British Cycling performance director and Team Sky boss David Brailsford talks about what he’ll be doing at this year’s Tour and who he thinks will win.

More video clips coming throughout the 2009 Tour de France courtesy of Halfwheel and sponsored by Garmin.

Click on the play button below to start the video.

Tour de France 2009 – Cycling Weekly Dave Brailsford Interview from David Atkinson on Vimeo.


  • Howie Bolt

    At last we have,the money, the man, the organisation,always had the drive,now we can compete on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD?We have always had the talent,,,,,BRING IT ON DAVE, lets hope the others “don,t cheat”, and the T D F organisation don.t bring in any silly”rules”, don,t forget, it,s their “TOUR”. Lance has had to put up with allsorts, anyway, Bring it on.
    Oh yea, while we are on about it,cycling, we all love it,get bums on seats yea,,,,,ONE THING WE HAVE TO DO IS, GET THE CAR DRIVERS TO RECOGNISE US, change the driving test, establish the awareness of us cyclists. 1, ride a bike, get road sence, 2,meybe then to a moped or motor bike,,, 3, then drive a car, going through the three stages, a car driver will be SYMPATHETIC to other road users , yep us “Bikies”. Howie Bolt Liverpool Mercury Dolan.

  • Keith

    I can’t see the video on my iPhone – hope you can do something about this soon 🙂