A 17-year-old male cyclist was stopped and assaulted by a car driver in a sickening and unprovoked attack.

The teenager was riding on Combe Lane, Shere, Surrey, on Tuesday at 4.20pm when the driver of a silver Vauxhall car passed him, stopped and assaulted the rider.

The victim was hit in the forehead and then suffered further kicks and punches as he lay on the ground, leaving him with bruising.

The assailant then dragged the cyclist into the middle of the road by his helmet strap before getting back into his car and driving off.

The driver is descirbed as aged between 20 and 21-years-old, 5ft 10″ tall and of medium build with a skinhead haircut. He was wearing black trousers and baggy top. The car is a silver Vauxhall Astra or Corsa.

“This was a diabolical unprovoked attack on a young man enjoying a ride though the Surrey Hills close to the Olympic route,” said investigating officer PC Nick Sharpe.

“I am urging anyone who may have seen a silver car matching this description in or around the area, or who has any information which could help officers locate the suspect, to call me as soon as possible.

“This type of extreme aggressive behaviour cannot be tolerated within our neighbourhoods and Surrey Police will do everything possible to bring the offender to justice.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Surrey Police on 101 quoting reference GD/13/7817. Alternatively the independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.


  • Bruce Dangerwin

    Was the driver really “unprovoked” ??? Or was the said cyclist ignorantly riding in the centre of the car lane, arrogantly holding up traffic and waving his lycra clad backside in the drivers face? Cyclists are very quick to give a bit of verbal when challenged, but are even quicker to play the victim card when a driver gets physical..

  • Mark Guy

    seems odd that this story doesnt seem to have been picked up by any main stream news outlets…

  • willbick

    As the suspect was a motorist a slap on the wrist would seem appropriate

  • gg/gg

    If found (if) this driver should be charged with attempted homicide; gbh charge would be too light.

  • Robert

    It will be interesting to see just how much effort Sussex police put into tracing and prosecuting this driver. Unfortunately, the police and courts often seem to take the view that cyclists all but ‘ask for’ such attacks simply by ‘getting in the way’. It also seems to be widely accepted that drivers are perfectly justified in becoming enraged if they have to wait for a few moments before being able to pass a cyclist. Even Sussex police themselves have helped to validate such attitudes, as with their disgraceful notices around the Olympic RR route threatening cyclists with £1000 fines for ‘inconsiderate’ cycling, which they interpreted as including ‘groups of cyclists causing drivers to have to slow down’………………………..Even if cases such as this do come to court the penalties handed out often reinforce the view that such assaults are all but justifiable. This may even be the case when the motorist actually kills the cyclist. For example, a few years back a ‘4×4’ driver called Andrew Hart came up behind a ‘slightly built’ 62 year-old cyclist called Alan Scott on a narrow country road in Devon. According to witnesses the driver had to slow down for 30 meters, with the cyclist then pulling over to the side of the road to allow the driver to pass. This ‘delay’ so enraged the motorist the he stopped his car and violently assaulted the cyclist, who was standing with one foot on the verge and witnesses said had done nothing to provoke the attack. Amongst the injuries sustained was a broken shoulder. This injury caused a blood clot, which led to the cyclist’s death a few days later. A jury found the driver guilty of manslaughter but the judge only gave the driver a short suspended sentence and no driving ban, even though one might have thought that his rage at being slowed down for 30m by a cyclist proved him unfit to be allowed to drive. No wonder that so many motorists seem to think that it is ‘open season’ on cyclists!

  • Michael Hogan

    Unbelievable. We (all cyclists) wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is back on his bike very soon.
    I used to live near Shere and I am sickened by this.