Trials star takes on some slacklines in latest video

At first glance Danny MacAskill’s latest video might not look that impressive from the Scottish trials star who has made a name for himself by teetering on the top of Scottish mountains and bunny-hopping giant pencils.

But look a bit closer and you will realise just what an incredible display of skill this is, as MacAskill rides across a couple of slacklines, similar to tightropes but slightly wider and with a bit more flexibility.

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The video left MacAskill’s fans on Facebook slack-jawed, with Matt Gamble commenting, “Ok Danny, enough’s enough – it’s time you stopped pretending to be human and let the rest of us in on your fancy anti-gravity gadgetry.

MacAskill’s video even earned him an invite to Germany from slackline manufacturer Gibbon Slacklines, who promised to give MacAskill some more kit for future videos.