Scribe Cycling offer high performance wheels at a competitive price

With lightweight carbon fibre design and a unique ratchet drive system, Scribe wheelsets compete with market-leading brands without breaking the bank

Scribe Elan wheels
(Image credit: Scribe)

Wheels are the link between your bike and the road, so they’re always going to be one of the most important elements of any cyclist’s set-up. Finding the right wheelset can improve both your riding performance and your comfort in the saddle, and Scribe Cycling are on a mission to manufacture the best pound-for-pound wheels you can buy.

Since the brand launched in 2019, Scribe’s small team of engineers, designers and expert wheel technicians have set out to push the boundaries of wheel design and technology, putting each wheel design through its paces with extensive testing.

During the development of each high-performance Scribe model, the team starts out with an end weight in mind, so they can find the all-important balance between the wheel’s strength and weight. The weights of Scribe’s wheels are impressively low, thanks to their use of high-filament Japanese Toray (12k/18k) carbon fibre, and cutting edge resin technology.

All of Scribe’s performance wheels also feature the brand’s exclusive single-disc Ratchet Drive System.

This responsive, high-torque hub system is beneficial because the ratchet faces engage simultaneously every time, offering almost instant drive when you apply the power, not to mention improved durability and ease of maintenance. Scribe believe their Ratchet Drive System is extremely competitively priced compared to other single-disc ratchet drive hubs on the market, pointing out that – while most rival hubs with similar tech retail for around £475 – you can pick up full Scribe Super-light Carbon wheelset for £870, and performance alloy wheels from £380-£440.

New to the range for 2023 is the option to run a 54-tooth ratchet system. This will come as standard on Scribe’s top-tier Élan wheels and will be an upgrade option for the CORE range. Scribe spec’d their wheels with the 36-tooth ratchet mechanism from day one, and the 54-tooth upgrade will offer even faster engagement, with an engagement angle of 6.6° compared to the previous 10°. Scribe also claim that the floating configuration of the ratchet disc and the smaller-toothed profile have a modified tone, and therefore the potential to reduce overall hub noise – ideal for the more noise conscious riders among us.

You can rest assured, too, that when you invest in a Scribe wheelset you’ll be getting industry-leading customer support. Clicking the chat button on the Scribe website or emailing gives you access to an experienced rider who can deliver advanced technical advice, while Scribe’s YouTube channel features plenty of helpful instructional videos. You also get a three-year warranty to help keep you on the road, along with a lifetime crash replacement programme in case an unexpected tumble results in damage to your carbon wheels. Scribe also offer free bearing replacement for the duration of the warranty period for their Carbon ranges.

So whether you’re riding road or gravel, in competitions or on your daily commute, Scribe provide competitively priced, high-spec wheelsets to get you moving. And, because Scribe never discount, you can rest assured that they’re always offering the best deal possible.

Here are three high quality performance wheels from the Scribe range:

Scribe Élan

A high-performance wheel with high-strength, super lightweight carbon spokes, designed for maximum responsiveness when you accelerate – whether you’re climbing or sprinting away from the pack.

Scribe CORE

With low weights and wheel technology impressive enough to challenge the market-leading brands, Scribe CORE gives you a responsive aerodynamic wheelset without the premium price tag.

Scribe Inception

Featuring wide carbon rims and responsive, double-disc ratchet drive hubs, Scribe Inception wheels are designed for relative newcomers to cycling who might be looking to upgrade the stock wheels supplied with their bike. Fitting Inception wheels should help you ride faster on the flats, while offering better responsiveness when you need to pull away.

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