December’s best tech: Oakley glasses that talk to you and the fastest road bike for £3000

Here is our round up of the coolest cycling products we have encountered this month

It’s Christmas, so here is our festive edition of tech of the month. What follows is a round up of some of the most interesting and cool products we have encountered. If you are looking for Christmas gift inspiration, you can head over to our gift guide page here.

Oakley recently launched its new Radar Pace sunglasses and we have managed to get hold of a set for testing. Priced at £400, the Radar Pace is a collaboration between Oakley and Intel, designed to give real time feedback on training and performance. At its heart is a set of Oakley’s Radar glasses, which are equipped with earbuds and a microphone.

Oakley also provides a touch pad on the left side of the glasses, which can be touched or swiped to control functionality. There are also sensors built into the glasses: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and pressure, humidity and proximity sensors. Radar Pace is recharged via USB and is IPx5 water resistant. Having only just got them in, we have only used them a couple of times, but rest assured a full review is coming.

Also included is Pro Cycling Trumps. For £54 you can create a custom A3 print of a cyclist you know, complete with a graphic of their bike and stats of your choice. We love them and they are potentially a really thoughtful gift. If your budget is smaller, there are also really cool packs of cards for £7.

The new Garmin 820 is the company’s latest GPS cycle computer that has been designed to sit just below the top of the range Garmin Edge 1000. We have been really impressed, but have one key issue with the product, which we describe in the video.

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Mavic’s first tubeless wheels, the Ksyrium Pro Allroad have really impressed us, with regards to their weight, stiffness and durability. Finally we have included the fastest road bike you can buy for three grand.

Okay, the probably the fastest road bike, if you are going up a steep hill… The Giant Road E+ is a road bike ebike with a 250W Yamaha motor that is rapid up steep hills and is great fun to ride. An impressive bike that makes harsh terrain accessible to less able riders.

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