A London cyclist filmed an encounter with a policeman who pulled him over for veering out of a Cycle Superhighway and into the carriageway.

The cyclist, known on YouTube as ClockwiseCycling, was travelling along the cycle route in Kennington, south London, when he moved out in front of the police car.

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The Metropolitan Police officer has words with the cyclist as he pulls alongside him, and when the cyclist pulls ahead the officer turns on his sirens to stop the rider.

“There’s a cycle highway there for you. For you to suddenly then come out it’s going to cause you to get knocked off your bike,” the officer told the cyclist.

When the rider told him that the Superhighway was too busy, the officer advised him to “be patient, like everyone else on this road”.

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“For you to suddenly come out [of the cycle lane] is going to cause you to get knocked off your bike, but you obviously don’t understand that,” the officer told the cyclist, adding “you will end up underneath a lorry because of the way you cycle.”

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