Thanks to bike hire schemes in major cities around the world and political will to make cycling safe and accessible for all, the humble bicycle is having something of a rebirth as a plausible means of transport in urban areas.

Traffic clogged streets, unsafe levels of air pollution from the nose-to-tail motor vehicles and booming populations means that more people on foot and two wheels is finally being seen as a workable solution.

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German researchers have brought together GPS tracking data from public bicycle hire schemes in London, Berlin and New York to make the cf. city flows interactive installation.

The work is hosted by the Urban Complexity Lab in Potsdam and features three high-resolution screens showing “the space of flows of New York City, Berlin, and London through visualising the bike-sharing systems of these global cities. By showing the flow of multiple cities side by side, we can compare their extent and dynamics.”

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The aim of the installation is to engage people with urban mobility and show them how cycling journeys can flow through a cities in the way other modes of transport simply can’t.