Police use cycle superhighway to bypass traffic (video)

Video from YouTube user CycleGaz shows the police car using segregated CS5 to bypass a traffic queue when responding to an emergency
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Cycle commuter and YouTube user CycleGaz posted the above video on Sunday February 7 showing the authorities putting London’s segregated cycling lanes to a different use.

Under blue lights, so likely to be on an emergency call, a police car can be seen using CS5 to bypass a queue of traffic.

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The riders on the cycle path are shown to move aside to let the car through, and it rejoins the carriageway at the next set of traffic lights.

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Commenters on the video on YouTube are of mixed opinion as to whether this was a good move on the police’s part.

Adam Safford says, “I think emergency services should be allowed in the Cycle Superhighways, as long as they take extreme care.”

However, fellow user Vaxbuster takes a different view: “Great way to cause an accident and risk lives. What if a cyclist was coming from the opposite direction as well? Not much room for mistakes.”

CycleGaz was quick to reply to Vaxbuster saying, “The police driver isn’t blind.”

The latest segregated cycle lanes in Central London were opened by Mayor Boris Johnson in November last year.

The longest among them is the Cycle Superhighway 5, which runs from Oval to Pimlico including the crossing of Vauxhall Bridge. Not everyone is happy with the works but they have gone ahead as planned and are expected to lead to a reduction in the number of people injured whilst cycling in the capital.