If you’re scared of heights, then look away now, as you’re certainly not going to enjoy watching three minutes of an Austrian trials rider dicing with death on a dam handrail.

Fabio Wibmer, who has previously appeared in videos alongside Danny MacAskill, pulled off the stunt at the Kölnbrein Dam, a 200m-high dam in the Austrian Alps.

Over the course of the video, Wibmer slowly makes his along the handrail, which can be no more than a couple of inches wide, all the way to the centre of the snow-covered dam.

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However, not in shot is the rope that Wibmer hoped would have saved him if things had gone wrong.

“I was just secured by one guy and a rope, which wasn’t really a safe way to do it,” Wibmer told Red Bull.

“I’m definitely happy that I didn’t need his help, because I don’t want to know how it would’ve ended if something had gone wrong. Clinging with 85kg on a rope held by only one person could have ended up being a very bad situation…”