A day in the life of a Giant-Alpecin rider (video)

Ever wondered just what a professional cyclist actually does with their time?

Giant-Alpecin have made a handy rider’s-eye video of a day at a training camp to help us understand the rigours of being a cyclist.

Obviously the first job – waking up when your alarm goes off – is followed by a commitment to team sponsor Alpecin in the shower. With training camps often taking place in the sunny climes of southern Spain, the airport routine becomes second nature to them.

Once they touch down on the ground, though, they spend a lot of time in their team kit, with six-hour training rides not uncommon in the early months of the season.

Mix in a few sessions in the gym and a few team meetings, the riders manage to fill their days pretty well.

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Then there’s the downtime. While the meal seen in the video looks a bit unappealing, training camp nosh is usually a bit more varied than two bread rolls and an apple.

Filling the down time is something riders sometimes find a little tricky, what with the desire not to waste any unnecessary energy, but there’s still time for a game of table tennis in the evening.

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