How it feels to race the Haute Route (video)

Those in the know about the Haute Route sportives talk about what it feels like to race these iconic events

With training and preparation for one of the Haute Route events behind you, attention turns to what it’s actually like to take part and compete in one of these tough multi-day races.

In this video, experts who have ridden the roads and mountain climbs that feature in the different Haute Routes talk about what it’s like to pull away from the start line and take on the challenge ahead.

The Haute Route sportives give amateurs the chance to ride and race on closed roads, covering routes and cols made famous by the most epic battles in professional cycling history.

The experts talk about the week long experience, riding day after day, and how the organisers deal with all the logistics.

Riders can concentrate on riding and getting over the next mountain, to the end of each day’s stage, and all other concerns are taken care of.

A week long experience of riding in the mountains is the closest most of us will ever get to the pro-rider experience, and the sense of achievement at the end is immeasurable.