Bike theft is the scourge of the modern cyclist (along with car drivers, the government, lorry drivers, the weather, other cyclists, etc.).

The good ol’ days when you could leave your bike unlocked outside a shop on the high street and not worry about anyone nicking it are long gone. Even David Cameron has had his bike stolen (although you might not feel that much sympathy for him).

So you could be forgiven for taking pleasure in the latest offering from YouTube pranksters Jeremy and James Holden (TwinzTV), who rigged a bike with shock devices in the handlebars and saddle and left it unlocked on the streets of LA.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for an unwitting passer-by to think it was their lucky day. What they didn’t know is that the twins were just round the corner, filming the attempted thefts with a remote control that triggered the electric shocks.

The twins, who have more than 975,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel, have previously left bait bikes on the streets of LA tied to a (seemingly) invisible rope, giving the thieves a nasty surprise when they attempt to ride away (spoiler alert: headset meets crotch).

Not all the thwarted thieves saw the funny side though. Their third bait bike video ended in a fight, when the victim took objection to having a camera shoved in his face. Maybe they had it coming, too.