Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) presidential candidate Brian Cookson has reacted to a proposed amendment to the nomination process announced yesterday, branding it “a clear sign of desperation from the incumbent president, Pat McQuaid”.

The UCI issues a press release on Monday evening outlining a proposal received from the Malaysian Federation and supported by the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) to make a permanent change to the way in which candidates can be nominated for the position.

The rule change would pave the way for McQuaid to be nominated by the Malaysian Federation and ACC rather than a ‘home’ federation. McQuaid’s original nomination by the Irish cycling federation was declared void, and the current nomination by the Swiss Federation is currently being disputed in court. It would be his final chance to receive a clear nomination.

Cookson was nominated for the post by British Cycling, for which he is currently president. 

“The efforts to change the nomination and electoral process announced last night on behalf of the UCI Director General are a clear sign of desperation from the incumbent President, Pat McQuaid,” said Cookson.

“This latest twist appears to be nothing more than a fraught attempt to undemocratically and unconstitutionally impact on the process while it is underway.

“It is no wonder that many in the cycling family as well as fans and sponsors have lost faith in the UCI to govern ethically when the man at the top of the organisation is prepared to embarrass an entire sport in an attempt to try and cling onto power.”

If the proposal is passed by the UCI Congress, the changes would allow new candidates to be nominated up to August 30. Previously the nominations had closed on June 30 – with just McQuaid and Cookson nominated.

“What sort of organisation attempts to rewrite the rules once an election has actually begun – it smacks of attempted dictatorship,” said Cookson. 

Cookson has written to the UCI’s Director General to object to the proposed change in the nomination process.

The presidential election will take place in Florence, Italy, on September 27.

  • Mike

    It’s time the major federations and tours split from the UCI, and got together to create their own rule making body. I’m sure if the US, British and other cycling nations of Europe threatened to split, the UCI would be forced to either get rid of this embarrassing idiot (McQuaid) or face being driven into oblivion.

    WADA already has indicated it’s attitude to the UCI clowns, it’s time the national federations did the same.

    If the damage of drug use wasn’t bad enough, a corrupt governing body just makes it a 1000x worse.

  • tony

    McQuad knows what’s going to come out when he doesn’t get re-elected, he is a desperate man.

  • Ken Evans

    Pat, just go !

  • Colnago dave

    I think it is time for the Licence Holders to vote with their pockets and all of us to stop paying for membership to the relevant National Federations.
    The whole thing smells of Corruption, where does Pat’s family exert influence but Asia.

    Some people still believe in the UCI but I guess it is trending towards a minority

  • Paul

    So glad that Cookson is actually saying it how it is. Its embarrassing to say the least.
    I’m mean Jeeeesssss… Can the guy just not TAKE THE HINT AND LEAVE!

  • Graeme

    Is this the same Brian Cookson who was giving the corrupt McQuaid his ‘full backing’ for re-election a few short months ago?