Johan Bruyneel, the Belgian former manager of Lance Armstrong’s US Postal team, has refused to comment on United States Anti-Doping Agency’s findings that he was at the centre of an organised scheme of doping at the squad.

USADA found that Bruyneel was involved in a programme of doping at US Postal over the period 1999 to 2007, during which Armstrong took seven Tour de France victories.

Bruyneel has said that he has started legal proceedings against USADA in an attempt to clear his name.

“I will only be able to share my account of events once legal proceedings are over,” Bruyneel said via his personal website on Thursday. “While I am still stunned that USADA chose to breach the confidentiality of the proceedings it initiated against me, I shall nevertheless not allow myself to be reduced to such tactics.”

Bruyneel and the RadioShack-Nissan team parted ways last week on publication of USADA’s report, saying that Bruyneel could “no longer direct the team in an efficient and comfortable way”. USADA CEO Travis Tygart said that “the evidence shows beyond any doubt that the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team ran the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen.”

Bruyneel’s name crops up 129 times in USADA’s 202-page ‘reasoned decision’ report on doping at US Postal. Bruyneel says that the publication of the entire report and supporting evidence – 1,000 pages in total – has prejudiced his legal case against USADA.

“Rest assured that the time will come when I will share with you a balanced account of events,” Bruyneel said. 

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Link to USADA’s full Reasoned Decision document and all supporting evidence


  • Kevin Davies

    Can someone please explain, in the middle of the race to out everyone and destroy them, how have people been paid vast sums of money yet the dopers have still been caught? I’m no medic but I am certain given the money paid out I could find the best. Performance enhancer yet find the perfect masking agent, I guess John Bruynell teams must of had at least 10 riders fail drug tests over the past ten years? I’d say never mind being caught once he must be a fool but getting caught time again, a clear idiot!
    Ban him for life.

  • Mike

    Time up Johan.

    It has taken a long, long time but now, in court, we will get to hear what has been going on at, USP, Astana, Radio Shack etc. under your supervision.

  • phil tregear

    come on Johan, if you had a milligram of respect for the sport and its fans, you would tell us everything you know NOW, . The good, the bad and the ugly. The only way I can describe someone I used to respect: Pathetic.

  • Ken Evans

    “Rest assured that the time will come when I will share with you a balanced account of events,” Bruyneel said.

    That is a book I would like to read !

  • Ricky Geoghegan

    Mr Bruyneel,

    The reason you are in trouble is because you ‘don’t understand’. Please do not look for empathy
    from the cycling fans you treated like fools for too long. Every dog on the street knows why USADA made their report public at the same time as they gave it to the UCI.

    I will give you a clue, they and we do not want the same inaction we have had for too long.