Race motorcycle causes pile-up in the peloton during New York race after it stalls just after the start

A stalled race motorcycle caused a huge crash in the peloton just after the start of the Red Hook Criterium in New York, USA, on Saturday.

The footage – widely shared on social media – shows the motorcycle leading the race and then coming to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road.

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Several of the leading riders manage to swerve around the motorcycle, although there is not a great deal of room to pass between the barriers at the side of the road.

As soon as one rider hits the back of the motorcycle, it causes a huge pile-up with riders hitting fallen riders and bicycles at speed.

On-bike footage posted on Instagram and YouTube gives a rider’s-eye view of the incident, apparently filmed by Antoine Fabry.

The Red Hook Criterium features riders competing on fixed wheel bikes around a short and technical circuit. There are four races in the series, in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan.

Race motorcycles have been involved in a string of incidents this season, with an increasing amount of calls to regulate their use to prevent crashes and injuries. Belgian rider Antoine Demoitié (Wanty Groupe Gobert) died after colliding with a race motorcycle during Ghent-Wevelgem.

Stig Broeckx (Lotto-Soudal) broke his collarbone after hitting a motorcycle during Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne and Elia Viviani (Sky) crashed after colliding with a moto at Paris-Roubaix.

  • downtown21

    Yeah that crash looked like lots of fun. I’ll bet the trip to the emergency room was a blast.

  • RWH

    It’s called having fun, you should try in some time.

  • RWH

    What a closed minded individual you are. Must be dull being you.

  • Matthew Benger

    I can ride a fix gear no problem on a velodrome mate where they are meant to be used. It’s not a circular course in the same sense as a velodrome. Obviously the motorcycle was the main issue here, but I’ve seen more crashes than normal and mainly cos yes they can’t ride a fix gear.

  • dimidi

    Maybe if you could ride a fixed, without shitting on your pants, I say maybe you wouldn’t be such a smartass…

  • boalio

    Nope. It’s basically a closed circular, flat course. Exactly like a track race. And there is no need for freewheels and brakes in a velodrome.

  • Chris Blockley

    Kind of but teams like cinelli chrome are full of messengers who have Monday to Friday jobs just the cancerous specialized had to get the hands onto it

  • Chris Blockley

    Finally someone with a brain, its so lucky no one died

  • Walter Crunch

    We should ban roads. They cause all manner of injuries and deaths.

  • Liz Miller

    I’d like to say that the riders you mentioned at the end of your report having collided with a motorcycle did not do so – it was a motorcycle that collided onto them.

  • ummm…

    im a ny’er. really terrible to see riders injured. What was the point of having a motorcycle on the course? This race should have stayed the domain of smelly hipsters because the production team just took out the competitors.

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    Motorcycles don’t belong at this event. Brakes on the bikes would not have helped.

  • Rob Nelson

    Brakes… We don’t need no stinkin’ brakes.. We’ve got our beards and moustaches to protect us.


    It begs the question….why did they need a motorcycle at all for a 1 mile loop/closed course??? From this NY’er “Friggin’ Idiots!”