German time trial world champion Tony Martin will not require corrective surgery after fracturing his cheekbone, shoulder blade and arm in a training incident on Wednesday and has now returned home from hospital.

Martin was returning to his home in Switzerland after a training ride when he was struck by a car. He lost consciousness as a result of the crash and was taken immediately to hospital. Originally, he was diagnosed with a fracture to his cheekbone, but further tests revealed the extent of his injuries.

“My feeling today is much better than the last two days,” said Martin via a team statement.

“I am happy that the fractures won’t need surgery. I’m at home now. For me it’s really important. The day of the accident I was thinking – why has this happened to me? – but now I have to say I was lucky, it could have been much worse.”

Martin is now being looked after by his family, and thanked all those who had sent him messages of support.

“My first objective now is to take all the time necessary to heal well. I thank all those who with their messages gave me a support in these difficult days. I really appreciate them.”

Martin had been scheduled to take part in the Tour de Romandie over April 24-29, and later attempt to win gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games time trial in August.

For now, Martin will concentrate on recovering from the collision before reassessing his season.

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Tony Martin fractures cheekbone in training incident


  • Eric

    Wow, no surgery? What a boss. Heal fast Tony, I want you to be healthy for the Olympic Games. Sure would like to see you in Tour of Romandie.

  • adam

    Ooops…. meant to sign that off with GET WELL SOON Tony!!! 🙂

  • adam

    Started cycling as a mountain biker before moving to the road about 6 years ago. Riding off road, if you crash there’s usually only one person to blame. 🙂 Riding on the road, you’re at the mercy of so many idiots…. The more I read these stories the more I feel like returning to knobbly tyres.

  • Jon

    There is a small but lethal minority of motorists who place no value on the safety of cyclists. They need to be re-educated, preferably by being run over by their own car after it revs aggressively behind them before accelerating and swerving to pass with an attempted near miss. Or by appropriate sentencing for dangerous driving, by judges who place people’s safety above some misplaced loyalty to fellow motorists.

  • arronski

    Tuff luck, thank god he is ok, i’m scared on some roads were i live, CARS/truck/buses need to slow down and give more room to cyclists ! [ i think the popularity of cycling thou good, is pissing a lot of drivers off !!