Made by Castelli, who are clothing suppliers to Millar’s previous Cannondale-Garmin professional cycling team, the new range has an understated look.


The range starts with a long sleeved Gabba jacket in grey, with red highlights. The Gabba is Castelli’s flagship water repellent bad weather racing jacket and has taken the professional racing world by storm, being used with its logos blacked out by a host of non-sponsored riders.

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Gabba jacket in Millar's understated colours

Gabba jacket in Millar’s understated colours

Millar’s super-lightweight jersey comes with six pockets and a novel collar design with two buttons at the side to keep it fastened. It’s available in slate blue and in white.

Lightweight jersey comes with a buttoned collar

Lightweight jersey comes with a buttoned collar

There’s a lightweight baselayer, which features red and white flashes on a grey background.

The collection also includes bibshorts featuring Millar’s multiple-slash featured logo and matching arm and leg warmers.

Millar's lightweight baselayer features a striped design

Millar’s lightweight baselayer features a striped design

Millar has divided his professional career into Chapter I from 1997 until 2005, when he was banned for doping, and Chapter II from 2005 until 2015 when he raced clean with the Slipstream team in its variously sponsored incarnations. He sees his post-professional racing career as Chapter III, with designing and selling his clothing range as a key activity during this phase.

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The current clothing range is dubbed Collection 01 with Millar’s Collection 02 is expected to be launched in early 2016.

Further details and pricing are yet to be announced, but Millar’s range will be available from Mr Porter and can be viewed at

  • tim

    man he’s really put on some weight since retiring

  • chris

    the vest is hardly understated is it, bloody dross

  • J1

    Don’t Castelli already make something like that, in Grey.

  • J1

    Ahh, why always flashes of red? Done to death. How about Orange, Purple or something slightly different.

  • Nic Lowe

    There’s nothing like riding in understated colours to help drivers see me on the road.

  • Neilo

    He should be the next James Bond. Jusht needsh to practish shaying “sh” and he would be perfect for the role.

  • Roy Walter

    Needs a bacon sandwich.

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  • Phil Hall

    Grey on grey. Maybe this is what John Major would choose to ware if he got into to cycling.

  • Simon Barnes

    gabba jacket with 3/4 arms looks interesting….