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Overall rating:

Score 8


  • Race ready
  • Looks great
  • Solid feel


  • Needs a more responsive ride


Time RXR Ulteam VIP


Price as reviewed:


This is not a modest bike. It’s one of the most expensive we’ve ever tested, at close to £10K with our equally immodest spec, including Lightweight’s Standard wheels. But it sure is a head turner.

Build specification aside, the VIP frame module costs £4K, so it’s the cream of Time’s crop. Campagnolo Chorus equipment seemed like the right choice, in not escalating the price any further with Super Record, but still delivering the high level of performance and aesthetics the VIP frame deserves.

Time’s own top-end Ulteam carbon stem and Ergo Force bar combo looks the part, with matching, glittering graphics, but you might be paying for bars you won’t use. We found the stem wasn’t super stiff, though acceptable nevertheless, but handlebars are so much a personal choice.

Time’s specific one-piece carbon fork with oversized lower bearing no doubt helps deliver a firm feel. Particularly noticeable out of the saddle on a climb, it feels solid beneath you. The rear too has a solid, bordering on harsh feel, accelerating well but kicking you in the backside on bumpy roads. The only downside lay somewhere between the two, with the frame allowing a small amount of twist under load.

It’s hard to pinpoint whether it’s a top tube or seatstay issue, but there’s visible torsional flex, which causes the handling to suffer a touch, in a ‘back not immediately following the front’ kind of way.



The bike is clearly capable of winning races, providing the rider is, so our comments about the torsional flex is more of a nit-pick than a deal breaker.

However, at this price you'd be right to expect the moon on a stick. It looks awesome and the heritage and name are hard to better, but we'd prefer a more connected and responsive ride.


Size Tested:Medium
Weight:1,100g frame; 1,930g module
Group Set:Campagnolo Chorus 11
Size Range:XXS-XL
Frame:Time HM Carbon with Vibraser technology
  • Mark Kadillak

    Great bike with a TERRRIBLE WARRANTY. Mine developed a crack in the integrated seat tube a few months ago and Time says that they will not honour the warranty. The carbon developed a stress fracture due to the design of the frame and I have never crashed or even scratched this bike.

    Time says that they have a lifetime warranty, but they forget to tell you that they don`t like to honour it.

    Search youtube and you will find such cases as mine.

  • Mark Kadillak

    In April I bought my RXR Rip with Lightweight wheels and Di2. This is a fantastic bike and I fail to find any flex at all in any part of the bike. Perhaps the reviewer was getting some flex in his wheels or crank arms? I`m riding an XL frame and I am around 200 lbs and am fairly strong, but when i get out of the saddle and pull as hard as I can on the bars while pushing the pedals with al my might I feel no noticeable flex at all.

    The bike handling is super precise so it took me a few rides to get used to it. It is a great bike for long rides as it doesn`t leave you feeling shattered at all.

    My riding buddy bought the same bike, but with Bora wheels and he laughed when I asked him about flex in the frame.


  • Christophe RODRIGUEZ


    I use this stem in 120mm length as well as the 44cm handlebar and it makes a very stiff combo. No noticeable flex during all out sprints.

    Not sure what your tester was on about…