Cycling Weekly tech: how we score product

A look at how CW's tech team arrives at the scores on the doors

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Every product reviewed by Cycling Weekly's tech team receives a score out of 10. The scoring is based upon a range of factors, which vary depending upon the nature of the equipment.

A bike, for example, is rated based upon its frame construction, serviceability, weight, specification, ride quality, and whether it would meet the needs of the expected rider. Key parameters for a power meter are reliability, connectivity, ease of charging and day-to-day use and ease of fitting, whilst clothing reviews look for fit, weatherproofing and breathability as well as durability. All items are also rated with price taken into account.

Before we make a review public, our testers score the product based upon our Cycling Weekly scale. Whilst how much they enjoyed using a product will come into the decision making, testers need to be able to review an item independent of their own personal inclinations, since they may not be the target user.

Here's the scale that we use:

How we score products

10 - Superb, best in its class and we couldn’t fault it

9 - Excellent, a slight change and it would be perfect

8 - Solid product, could be improved

7 - Fine, but there are better alternatives

6 - Passable, a few niggles let this down

5 - Acceptable, needs improvement

4 - Functions, but disappointing

3 - Poor, approach with caution

2 - Extremely poor, barely worked

1 - Terrible - didn’t work

All items that receive a 9/10 or 10/10 score are eligible to appear in our Buying Guides, where we recommend products that we're ridden and rated. Some items within these lists do not have a full review, in this case, it's been chosen based upon the writer's own experience and knowledge.