Hannah Bussey

With a total makeover, can the new Specialized Diverge move on from just simply being a gravel bike and become your most unexpected N+1?

Is it possible to be good, I mean really good at everything and do away with the categorisations that us cyclists can't help but apply? Can you really be a…

Lightweight summer cycling jerseys, often known as climbing jerseys, have been around for a while for the men; thankfully there seems to be a steady trickle into the women's department…

With winter clothing often coming with eye-watering price tags, can the modestly priced women's-specific Sportful Luna bib tights provide a more cost-effective thermal option?

Rydbox Christmas gift box

In a departure from it’s usual subscription set-up, the RYDBOX Christmas gift box is a one-time, one-off purchase, and the brand promises it’ll please nearly every rider out there with…

dhb Aero women's FLT

Reflective detailing is teamed with the highly regarded Roubaix fabric from Italian brand Miti for the dhb Aeron Women's FLT Roubaix bib tights, but can this affordable option of keep…

Castelli Sorpasso 2 W bib tights

Designed for the ultimate fit in winter bib tights, but can the women's specific Castelli Sorpasso 2 W bib tights deliver function as well as form?

Le Col Hors Catégorie jacket

The boldly named women's specific Le Col Hors Catégorie jacket pledges to be your ultimate winter riding partner, but is it so good that it's beyond categorisation?

GORE C5 Windstopper Thermo jacket

With windproof, water-resistant and thermal claims, can the GORE C5 Windstopper Thermo jacket be your winter riding partner for the season.

Vitus Energie VR Cyclocross bike

Can a bike be fun yet practical? Race ready and versatile? All at the same time? The Vitus Energie VR Cyclocross bike seems to think so.

Ekoi Bikes and Bike Fashion show

Winner of this years Tour de France young rider competition, Pierre Latour has confirmed his attendance at the Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity auction on Wednesday, December 5 in Alderly Edge,

Rapha Souplesse Insulated jacket

Promising warmth without the bulk, the Rapha Souplesse Insulated Jacket could be the perfect winter jacket, even when the weather isn't

Dexshell Heavy Duty overshoes

Promising water resistance, breathability and warmth, can the Dexshell Heavy Duty Overshoes be the ideal training partner this winter?

Crankalicious The Classic Gift Box

Crankalicious has produced a new ‘gift box’ designed to provide everything you need to keep your bike spick and span. Containing seven bottles of 100ml products to degrease, wash, cleanse…

Sportful Crystal Thermo Jacket

With its subtle monochrome design, the Sportful Crystal Thermo Jacket wouldn't look out of place off the bike, but can form follow fashion on the bike too?

Sportful Neoprene All Weather Booties

With wind and waterproofing claims, could the Sportful Neoprene All Weather Booties be the ones to keep your feet warm this winter?

Specialized Vado Turbo 2.0

With power-assisted pedalling, front suspension and large on-board LCD screen to monitor your ride data the Specialized Vado Turbo could be the ideal versatile e-bike.

Blackburn Piston 2 Floor Pump

With its sturdy-looking steel barrel and large, easy-to-read pressure gauge, the Blackburn Piston 2 track pump immediately ticks a few boxes. We put it to the test to see if…

SKS Rennkompressor Track Pump

The original SKS Rennkompressor track pump is one of cycling's most iconic pieces of kit – but can reality of using one live up to the expectations?