Cycling Active August 2011 issue on sale now

August Cycling Active on sale now!

How much does your hard-earned cash buy in today’s world of sports bikes?

We were mightily impressed by the style and quality that can be had from as little as £500, and then right on up to £1500, where you really notice a performance difference.

That’s CA’s bike test this month and there are also tests of two stylish urban hybrids from Trek and Voodoo and first rides on a Moda Rubato and a Pinnacle Arkose One cross bike.

Top story in Fitness is an interview with Tam Comrie, a young man putting his wayward past behind him with a lot of help from cycling.

Read about how cycling can help you get your front wheel out of life’s little ruts.

Bit nervous of hills? Check out CA’s guide on how to get to the top and back down again in one piece.

Product tests this month include floor pumps, bike bottles, hi-tech undervests and cycling socks.

PLUS! City cycle security, a go faster session, Café news and a hilly challenge big ride on the cobbled climbs around Burnley Lancs.

Cycling Active August
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