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Absolutely central to the new 11-speed groupsets is a redesigned chain. As predicted, the new chain measures just 5.5mm in width, a reduction of 0.4mm over the old 10-speed ultra chain (C10).

* A new steel has been utilised in the creation of the 5.5 chain, this ?super steel? is said to be 20 per cent stronger than the previous C10 version.

* All three levels of chain now gain a Ni-PTFE treatment to improve longevity and smooth shift performance whilst reducing noise.

* Record / Super Record chains will gain hollow pins over the Chorus version. Chorus will be stamped C11 where as the Record / Super Record will have R11.

* Fastening of the chain is via an updated Ultra-Link which uses a pin to rivet the chain into a continuous length.

* Since 9-speed Campagnolo has forged its own chains in the Vicenza factory, this is set to continue with 11-speed.

Campagnolo 2009 11-speed

Record 11-speed chain