Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit




  • Easy to inflate
  • Light considering their profile
  • Lively but firm feel
  • Carbon-centred hubs


  • Slight edge on rim joint out of the box

Price as reviewed:


With some of our tubeless test wheels, getting the tyre inflated wasn’t easy, but with the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way fit the internal rim profile works beautifully with the tubeless tyres so that they inflate without leakage.

Weight-wise the Shamals are pretty good given the profile, and are listed at 605g for the front and 790g rear. Variable-section alloy spokes and carbon centrepieces to both hubs give them an up-to-date look. Being a 2-Way Fit means that Campagnolo has designed the rim to work with either conventional clinchers or tubeless tyres, so you’re not tied into the system.

The Shamals’ build quality was every bit as good as you’d expect from one of the major manufacturers. The only nit-pick would be with the joint on the front rim; out of the box it had a slight edge to it, but within a couple of rides it had worn smooth.

As mentioned in the First Ride (CW, Nov 6, 2007), the ride feel is typical of a wheel with alloy spokes, ie. a touch firmer than a conventional wheel but very comparable to a Mavic Ksyrium. Unlike some earlier Campag wheels the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit had a beautiful, lively feel to it that was very welcome when tired of searching out grip on slippery winter roads.



Campagnolo has done its homework well and produced a great wheel in the Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit for either tubeless or clincher tyres. A great long-term bet — they aren’t cheap but you’re buying an item that is definitely future proof.