Can you trust TPU tubes in a pinch? Best TPU tubes ridden and reviewed 2024

For riders who have accepted tubeless into their lives, TPU tubes may not be very compelling. For the unconverted, however, they’re worth exploring, with a few caveats

TPU inner tubes
(Image credit: Tyler Boucher)

For many new cyclists, tubes have been relegated to the same category as shifter cables, rim brakes and 23 mm tires: they’re aware such things exist, but they don’t play a significant role in the riding experience.

That’s not to say everyone fits into this category: we all have a friend who swears they’ll never give up rim brakes, but the market has changed and, like it or not, tubeless tires (and electronic shifting) are now the standard. 

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Tyler Boucher
Freelance Writer

Tyler Boucher is a former (and occasionally still) bike racer across several disciplines. These days, he spends most of his time in the saddle piloting his children around in a cargo bike. His writing has appeared in magazines published in Europe, the UK and North America. He lives in Seattle, Washington.