We round up seven kits to help you repair your punctured inner tubes.


Halfords puncture repair kit

Halfords Bike Puncture Repair Kit

We test out Halfords' puncture repair kit



Lezyne puncture repair kit

Lezyne Lever Kit

We test out Lezyne's puncture repair kit



Rema puncture repair kit

Rema Tip Top Sport

We test out Rema's Tip Top Sport puncture repair kit



Park puncture repair kit

Park Tool Super Patch Kit

We test out Park Tool's Super Patch kit



Topeak puncture repair kit

Topeak Rescue Box

We test out Topeak's Rescure Box puncture repair kit



Meqix puncture repair kit

Meqix NaCT

We test out Meqix's NaCT puncture repair kit



Zefal puncture repair kit

Zefal Universal+

We test out Zefal's Universal+ puncture repair kit




The little Topeak Rescue Box offers the best patch, at the best price, in a natty bombproof package that's exactly fit for purpose. For my money, it's the favourite choice. If you need some quality levers too, then the Lezyne gets a nod for a well thought-out all-in-one idea. I have to take a moment to recommend the delightful Meqix set. It's pricey, yes, but the levers and tin are worth that alone, and it came with the best cheese-grater and top-notch patches.

In terms of longevity, you'll make your money back eventually, and replacement patches are available for only a few pounds. Park Tool takes the biscuit in the budget stakes - for three pounds, you get a tiny, almost weightless package and six brilliant glue-free patches. Buy this if you don't need the longevity of the Topeak, and you've already got your own levers.