Best bike fenders / mudguards for fall and winter riding 2024

They're hardly bling, but a good set of bike guards will help you to ride through winter in comfort. We've rounded up the best

Cyclist riding in winter with a set of full length mudguards
(Image credit: Future)

The basic idea behind a fender / mudguard is to stop water coming off the wheels onto your body: the longer the guards, the greater the coverage and the more protection they offer - full guards also keep a lot of salt-laden winter road spray off your bike. Very narrow guards or those that are too flat or far away from the tire will also reduce protection.

As race-oriented road bikes have become lighter and more sport focused, fittings and/or clearance for ‘proper’ guards has fallen out of favour and many people don’t have the financial wherewithal or inclination for a dedicated winter bike. All is not lost, though.

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Simon Smythe

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