SKS Bluemels Basic fenders / mudguards review – good, but the clue’s in the name: they’re pretty basic

The latest version of the classic SKS Bluemels design is fairly good at keeping you dry, but fiddly to install

Image shows the SKS Bluemels Basics fenders / mudguards
(Image credit: John Stevenson)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

SKS Bluemels fenders / mudguards are modern classics, a design that’s hardly changed in decades. They work, and they’re durable, but they lack features you’ll find on the best bike guards.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stop you getting drenched when it rains

  • +

    ‘None more black’ good looks

  • +

    Famously tough laminate construction

  • +

    ASR break-away mountings for safety

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No mudflaps

  • -

    Fiddly installation

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Riders who’ve previously shunned fenders / mudguards are often surprised at just how effective they are keeping you comfortable when it rains. You still get damp, but you don’t get a constant flow of cold water from the road chilling you, so if you’re dressed appropriately your clothes still have a chance of keeping you warm.

As the name suggests these are the most basic full-length fenders / mudguards in the range of German accessory maker SKS, and while they may lack a few bells and whistles of the very best bike fenders / mudguards you’ll find elsewhere they still do the essential job of stopping you from getting rinsed in cold water when it rains. 

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