Best cycling glasses 2024: top models reviewed across all price points

With such a wide range of styles, brands and price points available, we guide you through the best cycling sunglasses and look at how to choose what is right for you

Male cyclist riding in the mountains, wearing a pair of the best cycling glasses for cycling
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Cycling sunglasses are not just an expensive fashion accessory; the best cycling sunglasses perform the vital function of allowing you to see the road ahead clearly at speed by protecting your eyes from insects and grit. They also provide protection against harmful UV light, wind and rain and must do so without fogging up. 

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Anna Marie Abram

Anna's been hooked on bikes ever since her first lap of the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit at age 12. For a time, her cycling life centred around racing road and track but has since broadened to include multi-day two-wheeled, one-sleeping-bag adventures over whatever terrain she happens to meet. However, she still enjoys racing and recently competed in the British Gravel Championships and Gritfest 2022, where she made the podium.

Chris Marshall-Bell

Chris first started writing for Cycling Weekly in 2013 and has since become a regular name in the magazine and on the website ever since.  Obsessed with mountains, he was previously found playing and guiding in the Canadian Rockies, and now mostly lives in the Val d’Aran in the Spanish Pyrenees where he’s a ski instructor in the winter and cycling guide in the summer. 

Charlotte Broughton

Charlotte is a British rider, racing for the AWOL O’Shea UCI women's cycling team. An accomplished writer, she is a regular on the pages of Cycling Weekly magazine and also contributes to The British Continental.