Oakley Sutro sunglasses review

Oakley has taken a few hits recently with other brands stepping up their game to rival the American giants will the new Oakley Sutro help gain ground back?

Oakley Sutro
Cycling Weekly Verdict

I like the Oakley Sutro's and many people will, although they won't be to everyone's taste. I like the way they felt on my head but for me they kept slipping down my nose and needed constant adjustment. Good coverage though and if bigger sunnies are your thing, these are certainly that.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great lens

  • +

    Peripheral vision

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Looks not for everyone

  • -

    Need constant adjustment as they slip

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Personally, I feel Oakley is still the best eyewear brand out on the market for cycling, but there's no denying the American brand has been reeled in by the likes of 100% and Smith. However, with its new Oakley Sutro glasses, an urban visor like offering, the brand is look to fight back.

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Recently, there has been a bit of a trend to go larger on the glasses front, which I like a lot and Oakley was the first to reintroduce the larger lens with the Jawbreaker. Those initially divided opinion, with many either totally loving the styling or hating them and the same can be said for the latest Oakley Sutro.

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I must say, I like them a lot and spent much of my time in Mallorca recently enjoying them in a much less urban environment that they where initially intended for.

Oakley Sutro

Large lens means good coverage

When I say the new Oakley Sutro's are big, I mean big! Big enough that the lens does not interrupt vision, and big enough that we are talking about face coverage, not just eye coverage. But that is the trend and you can see that in the likes of the Glendale's from 100%.

That vision is enhanced with the use of the very good Prizm lens technology that Oakley has. During the very sunny rides in Mallorca my eyes never felt tired, or over used during the long, dry and bright days, testament to the comfort of the frames too.

However, those frames feel large too and as many of my close friends would say: I have a very large head, so no sunglasses should slip or fall but the Oakley Sutro's did. I found myself constantly adjusting them, and even just checking my cycling computer they would slip slightly.

Oakley Sutro

Although comfortable the frames don't stay well on the face

These glasses are made for a more casual urban setting where I find myself looking around a lot more due to the hazards of traffic, meaning that these would become even more annoying out in town.

However, ventilation is pretty good despite the large nature of the lens itself and haven't noticed any misting and even on the hot days I didn't have to deal with overly hot, sweaty eyes. Good for the commute in the city too.

I like the Oakley Sutro's, though I can't say they are better than the JawBreakers or even the much newer Flight Jackets.

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