Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses review

Leading eye wear brand Oakley launched two new sunglasses this season and we've put one of them, the Oakley Flight Jacket, to the test

Oakley Flight Jacket

Oakley Flight Jackets in black (Photo: Garry Newton)

(Image credit: Garry Newton)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Another decent pair of sunnies from the American brand, though not as good as Jawbreaker of the Radar EV. Great vision and ventilation but being bottom heavy they tended to slip down my nose, something I haven't experienced with Oakley's glasses in the past.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Well vented

  • +

    Comfortable on the face

  • +

    Good vison

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Over rougher terrain they tend to slide down my face

  • -

    Popping colour is very noticeable when riding

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In typical fashion Oakley has brought another love/hate product to the market in the form of the new Oakley Flight Jacket, which was launched in April of this year.

The new sunnies follow a similar design to a personal favourite of mine, the Oakley Jawbreakers. However, the new Oakley Flight Jacket's remove the upper frame to help vision - especially whilst sprinting - and ventilation.

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