Does indoor pain equal outdoor gain?

After countless hours sweating it out in his shed, CW’s Steve Shrubsall decided to find out if he could convert Zwift-toughened tenacity into a real-world PB

Indoor training
(Image credit: Future)

As the end of our 2020 locked-down summer approached, it was time for a personal stocktake: what had I achieved? I’d accrued a few dozen hours of aimlessly ambling around Zwift’s virtual parcours; I’d tried and failed to teach my daughters long division; oh, and there was a notable increase in empty bottles of booze amassing in the recycling bin. I had become directionless. Bereft of my usual way of life, I’d become a jack of all trades: an imitation maths teacher, a pseudo-cyclist, a semi-professional imbiber of premium strength lager beer. 

Something needed to change – ideally the erasure of this blasted virus – but failing that, I needed a cycling target achievable in these restricted times. 

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Steve has been writing (mainly fitness features) for Cycling Weekly for 11 years. His current riding inclination is to go long on gravel bikes... which melds nicely with a love of carbs