Videos of the week: neutral service steals the headlines and Sean Kelly talks cobbles

A mixed bag coming up, from the sublimely unbelievable to the enjoyably ridiculous, with a bit of racing in between: it's videos of the week

This edition of videos of the week features one particular video that has come to the cycling world’s attention for all the wrong reasons. For us everyday riders and commuters, interactions with and allowances for the movements and whims of motorists are part and parcel; but for professionals there’s already enough to think about without having to worry about what the neutral service car is up to.

Two incidents involving the Shimano neutral service cars stole the headlines at what was otherwise a far from vintage edition of the Tour of Flanders.

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To lighten the mood, we’ve also included Dan Craven’s audition for Namibian mop of the year, and a Wiggle one-two at the women’s Flanders.

Finally, we also have some exclusive videos showing Sean Kelly talking us through the cobbles and Alex Dowsett’s Hour Record bike.

Neutral service car takes out Jesse Sergent

A high kerb, an ill-judged gap: whatever the cause, Jesse Sergent has now got a broken collar bone and questions are being asked of the neutral service driver. You’ll need to watch this video two or three times to believe it.

You’re worth it, Dan

Crank the volume up to experience this one in its full glory. Not really cycling related, you might say, but he’s a cyclist and it should bring a smile to shocked faces after the previous video.

Wiggle one-two at the women’s Ronde

Unfortunately, live coverage of the Women’s Tour of Flanders wasn’t available, apparently in case one of the men got a puncture or needed a water bottle so the two races could not be shown concurrently due to potential confusion.

This video shows the sharp end though, as Wiggle-Honda’s Elisa Longo Boghini forges on ahead to get a gap that lasted all the way until the end of race. Her teammate Jolien D’Hoore came over next at 43 seconds to make it a one-two for the British team.

Sean Kelly speaks exclusively to Cycling Weekly about the cobbles

We spoke to the two time winner of Paris-Roubaix whilst he was visiting the cobbles of Belgium and northern France. Kelly says you have to “be a bit of a kamikaze rider” and that “Paris-Roubaix is the best race to win but probably the most horrible one to ride.” At nearly six minutes you might be tempted to skip over this video, but the Irish former pro knows what he’s talking about and sheds some light and what to expect from this weekend’s race.

Alex Dowsett’s Hour Record bike

After a few different iterations, Dowsett’s Hour Record bike now seems to have taken on the form we’ll see him using in his attempt in May. Dowsett tells us about his positioning, and we analyse the set-up and equipment the British rider will be using.