Watch: How donated bikes change lives

Bicycles in Zambia and other places help people live a better life

Should you have ever provided bikes to charities and wondered what impact they had, World Bicycle Relief (WBR) has produced an empowering video highlighting the effect.

Sending bikes to disadvantaged and less-developed countries has been a common charitable donation in recent decades, but rarely does the sender get to find out information of who now has possession of their former steed and what role it plays in its new owner’s life.

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WBR has been in operation since 2005, mobilizing people through the power of bicycles. It designs, manufactures and distributes high quality bikes that can withstand the terrain and conditions of rural areas.

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In the past decade WBR has delivered over 270,000 bicycles, enhancing communities and making people’s lives far easier.

One such place is in the Chongwe District in Zambia, where bikes enable youngsters to cycle to school, workers to ride 50 miles to collect supplies and farmers to sell their products in neighbouring townships that would otherwise be too far.

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