Campagnolo launches electronic shifting system

Italian component manufacturer Campagnolo has released details of its highly-anticipated electronic shifting system, dubbed Electronic Power Shift or EPS.

The new system will be available for the company’s top-end Record and Super Record groupsets and comprises five components: Ergopower shifters, interface, power unit, front derailleur and rear derailleur.

As with Shimano’s Di2 electronic shifting system, the front and rear derailleurs feature sensors that automatically trim the position of the derailleur to ensure that it is in the optimum position for each gear.

Each of the two Ergopower EPS brake lever/shift units feature three levers: one for the brake, one for up shifts and one for down shifts. Campagnolo have retained the mechanical feel of conventional shifters to create a definite ‘click’ so that the user knows when the gear levers have been activated. However, keeping the up- or down-shift levers depressed will cause the continuous gear shift in that direction. It is therefore possible to change through all 11 gears with just one press of the shifter.

The shape of the brake lever has been altered over non-EPS systems so that it’s easier to reach the levers with your hands higher on the bars.

The interface unit links all parts of the system together and also includes a battery indicator LED that changes colour and/or flashes according to the remaining charge left in the lithium-ion battery. According to Campagnolo, the battery is capable of retaining a charge in stand-by mode for six months. If the power ducks below six per cent of maximum charge an audible buzzer will sound.

The battery does not need to be removed from the bike for charging. A mains adapter is provided, and an optional 12V adapter is available so that the battery can be charged from a vehicle.

If you are out riding and the battery does run flat, or there is a problem with another part of the system, the rear derailleur has a ‘ride back home’ function where you can manually put the mech into an appropriate gear.

Complete EPS system weights for the two drivetrains are as follows: Super Record EPS 2,098g; Record EPS 2,184g – that’s around 200g more than the equivalent conventional set-ups. Pricing and UK market availability to be confirmed.


Super Record Ergopower lever unit

Super Record Ergopower lever unit

Super Record front derailleur

Super Record rear derailleur

EPS interface

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